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 H3C S5120 系列  
H3C S5120-EI series switches include the models: S5120-24P-EI, S5120-48P-EI, S5120-28C-EI, S5120-52C-EI,, S5120-28C-PWR-EI and S5120-52C-PWR-EI.

H3C S5120-SI series switches include the models: S5120-20P-SI, S5120-28P-SI and S5120-52P-SI.
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 H3C S3100 系列  
S3100 series switches.
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 H3C S3600 系列  
H3C S3600 series switches are a new generation of premier multi-layer switches that entirely fulfill the enterprise requirement for design and implementation of a unified, highly resilient network.
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 H3C S3610 系列  
H3C S3610 series switches are wire speed L3 multi protocols intelligent switches. They are intelligent network management switches intended for a network environment where abundant features, high performance and dense port distribution are required.
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